Citrix Netscaler VPX : jusqu’où peut-on aller ?

D2SI_Blog_Image_SustainableInnovation_Julien_Stanojevic2Julien Stanojevic, Architecte Citrix chez D2SI, a rédigé un des premiers articles sur la solution de Networking : Citrix NetScaler. Julien nous permet d’en savoir plus sur la gamme d’appliance virtuelle (VPX) et démontre au travers d’un cas concret qu’il est possible d’aller très loin avec cette technologie.

L’article est accessible sur le site de Brian Madden, le site de référence sur les technologies Citrix.

« With Citrix AG and CSG going away, how far can you get with NetScaler VPX? The answer: pretty far!

If you are following Citrix’s networking product line I guess that you are already familiar with a fact that Citrix has finally decided to “End of Life” the Access Gateway product line in 2014. While we can debate for hours if this decision makes sense or not, from purely field perspective I don’t believe it will be a life changer. The NetScaler product line is absolutely capable of addressing almost all AG use cases. The only exception might be an AG + AAC setup in some measure, but let’s be honest; AG+ AAC setup pushed to its limits is definitely a rare occurrence these days. » […lire l’article]

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